Payment Method’s

PayPal Go to PayPal Developer Console and Login to your account after clicking the Log into Dashboard button Go to REST API apps section and click the Create App button. Add your own details for the new app and create it. Switch to Live by clicking the button near your […]

How to use

By default on this script, manual/bank payment is available. To edit your payment credentials for your available payment method, kindly navigate to the plugins page on the admin and click on the Configure button on the Payments Addon card. From here you would find all installed payment addon & edit […]

Custom Domain

This guide can be used for your user documentation. You can copy this. Setting a custom URL is a feature that allows you to attach your domain name to your already setup Bio. Note: This feature can be available depending on your plan You can set a custom domain for […]


It’s pretty easy to install a script plugin & following the steps below will help. Note a unique license is generated on purchase which can be used to activate the plugin in the script. This is essential to use the plugin. All you To do that you need to navigate […]


The customization plugin brings in useful function and features to your Rio Pages script. Font Add, Remove user font’s. Also have access to and choose from the available 1k google font’s. Social Add & Edit social fields. This is useful for those who want to add more social fields for […]


Normally cron jobs on the script are ran silently, meaning they run on each page loads & they do things like check expired user plan & send them expiry mails. If you want to disable the silent cron & use the dedicated cron page, do navigate to your admin settings, […]


The script will be updated within 7 days an error is found. There are no fixed dates for major updates but the next expected features will be outlined. You can also request for changes or suggestions. Updating the script You only have to unzip the updated file in the directory […]

Let’s install?

We Provide a flexible installation service if you do not want to go through the stress of installing the product. We would install it for you & make sure everything is in place. If you want a full server installation for fresh vps or a regular installation, we got you! […]